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The Caribbean Island of St. Lucia

Lush and Tropical, Romantic and Exotic

Romantic St. Lucia

A picture of St. Lucia Honeymoon Pitons
Image by Scott Taylor

When it comes to ROMANTIC AND FUN destinations, few places in the world can compete with the natural beauty throughout the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. Formed from a volcano, the Island of St Lucia has lush jungles, fine white sand beaches and crystal clear water surrounding the islands. The most distinguishable feature in all of St Lucia are the breathtaking St Lucia Pitons. Located near the town of Soufriere, the Pitons are a World Heritage Site which encompasses two mountainous volcano spires. Gros Piton and Le Petit Piton rise over 2,000 feet above the dark green Caribbean waters of Piton Bay. The “Old City” of Soufrière is located within a dormant volcano and is well known for its’ drive-thru volcano, which exhibits numerous active geothermal hot springs.

















The people and culture of this land are as beautiful as the Pitons. A warm, welcoming people reside in this Caribbean oasis with cultural influences from France, Africa, Spain and England. When visiting a local town or area, it’s impossible to deny the feeling of community and the friendliness of the locals. This sense of community shines most when the Island of St Lucia hosts one of the biggest celebrations of the year. In June, Castries, the capital of the country, turns into a Mardi Gras celebration with extravagant parades showing off the most eclectic costumes, live music and street parties galore. A very musical culture, St Lucia also hosts a myriad of musical celebrations throughout the year. The Jazz and Arts Festival, Arts and Heritage Festival and the Roots and Soul Festival are a few of the largest annual festivals on the island. The street festival culture of St Lucia can be enjoyed no matter what part of the year you visit. Smaller areas such as Gros Islet and Anse La Raye have Friday night street parties all year long, so you won’t miss out.  If you are interested in booking during a celebration, simply ask your destination wedding travel agent for details. 

The food of St Lucia is like many Caribbean nations, a mix of the best parts of multiple cultures. Traditional foods of the island are accented with the flair of West Indies seasoning along with a base of French and Creole traditions. The national dish of the island is green fig and salt-fish which is traditionally served alongside savory cooked green bananas.   The Caribbean Islands have a penchant for Stews and Pots which have made their way through African ancestry. Callaloo Soup, a creamy coconut base loaded up with potatoes, vegetables and the geographic addition of fish and shellfish form the Caribbean Sea. For those who have a brave palate, take a very small bite of a chicken, lamb or lobster Pepper Pot. Just make sure you have a large glass of cold milk waiting for you.
The diversity in the ecology of the island, lends itself to a wide range of St Lucia activities for its guests. The rainforest provides a unique adventure for those who have never been inside a real rainforest. St Lucia rainforest adventures may include a casual walk through the rainforest, a slow moving aerial tram or a high intensity zip-line adventure high above the canopy of the rainforest. The adventures provide multiple options for your destination wedding party of different ages and activity level. The ocean provides never ending options for wedding travelers. A romantic cruise under the stars, a relaxing day catching some rays on a catamaran or snorkeling and scuba diving at a world class St Lucia diving site. If you enjoy fishing, St Lucia deep Sea fishing expeditions satisfy even the most experienced anglers with the large variety of species available.

On the other hand, if you prefer the water from the sandy side, St Lucia beaches and beach resorts are plentiful. Whether you have settled on the North or South side of the island, most areas will be dotted with resorts, restaurants and bars to take care of your every need. Some resorts offer a half day or day pass if you would like to explore other beach areas. Ask your destination wedding travel agent for tips.
It’s easy to determine what part of the island speaks to you.  
North St Lucia is known for its high level of activity, beach resorts and the night life district. The northern coast is home to the capital Castries and Rodney Bay, one of the most famous beaches in St Lucia. 

South St Lucia is best described as the relaxing and tranquil part of the island. The southwestern coast of St Lucia is the location of the Pitons and Soufriere. This area houses many of the top level resorts that guaranty privacy. The beauty, romance and tranquility of the area lends itself to a romantic experience. Weddings, honeymoons and vow renewals perfectly compliment the atmosphere of this area which is why this destination is so very popular with loving couples.
Imagine your world class Custom Destination Wedding taking place at the foot of the Pitons with a World Heritage Site as a backdrop. St Lucia’s natural beauty will provide a myriad of choices for your Custom Destination Wedding, Honeymoon or Vow Renewal.

St Lucia Waterfall
St. Lucia Pitons
Beach Wedding
Image by Ronise daluz
Carnaval Dancer St. Lucia
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