As a NURSE, I know the STRESS we encounter everyday! Patients, peers, physicians, therapists, pharmacy, lab.... Everyone seems to want to make sure they speak to THE NURSE. Nurses who encounter stress NEED to escape the craziness of our everyday work and vacation. The constant ask to do more shifts, give up more time with our family, and don't take care of ourselves leads to nurse BURNOUT. WE cannot afford that because it leaves less NURSE peers to lean on when the need is there. We must take care of ourselves. The best way to do that is to ESCAPE our reality for just a short time.....A FEW DAYS.... Make yourself a priority... Use a long 3 day stretch to get away and RELAX....Most of us struggle with that and struggle to make ourselves see the value in a real break from the everyday.

Make yourself a priority, and then you will truly be able to give your all to yourself and your patients every day! You won't regret it!!!!

#nursevacation #selfcare #nursetrip


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