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Rail Travel

Image by Joris Beugels


There’s no denying the quickest way to get from point A to point B, when heading on vacation, is by plane. However, as most of the time, you’re in the sky, the journey feels less like part of the vacation. 

Did you ever go on road trips with your family when you were a kid? The great thing about road trips is the journey actually becomes part of the whole experience. You get the chance to take in the fresh air, the scenery and everything else. However, cars are not the most comfortable forms of transport over longer periods.
Fortunately, at Simple Travel Solutions, we have a great alternative for exploring both Europe and the United States – rail travel. 

Rail Travel-

Comfortable, Exciting, and Immersive Alternative to Air Travel

One superb alternative that gives you the same experience, where the journey is part of your vacation, is rail travel. As you’re not flying through the sky, you can see the change and scenery as you travel from one destination to another. That’s not the only benefit, though…

Benefits of Rail Travel
1. Easy Access – Both continental Europe and the United States, benefit from extensive networks of connected railway lines. This means no matter where you’re traveling, you’ll be able to find a suitable train station.

2. Simpler Check-In – one of the biggest bugbears about air travel is the frustratingly long and drawn-out check-in and luggage collection process at either end. With rail travel, you simply show your ticket and get on board. 

3. Freedom to do What You Want - if you’re not a fan of sitting around and waiting until you reach a specific altitude before you’re allowed to walk around freely, or the fact that you really can’t walk around freely, then a train is perfect. You don’t need to wait before you explore, you can get up walk around, or sit down, listen to music, chat, whatever you want. 
4. Eco-Friendly - Trains are by far the most eco-friendly form of transport, as they use less fuel and produce less toxic and dangerous pollutants than planes and cars. 
5. Freedom to Explore – Perhaps the biggest advantage of rail travel is the fact that it gives you the chance to explore freely. There are some amazing routes you can take with Eurail and Amtrak. 


Popular Eurail and Amtrak Train Routes
It would be impossible to list all the potential trips and routes you could take on either train network. However, so you’re not feeling overwhelmed by the limitless possibilities, some of the most popular routes are highlighted below


Eurail Routes
1. Vienna, Austria to Ljubljana, Slovenia – Dramatic and stunning route that links up two of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. 
2. Paris to Rome – Why not take in two of the most popular, culturally significant, and romantic destinations in the world, where you can enjoy lots of tasty food?
3. Rhine Valley, Germany – following along the Rhine River

Amtrak Routes
1. Empire Builder – 2,200-miles journey through America’s Wild West, that starts from Chicago and ends in either Seattle or Portland. 
2. California Zephyr – the longest daily route offered by Amtrak, it starts in Chicago and ends in San Francisco, passing through Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno. 
3. Coast Starlight – an amazing journey from Seattle to Los Angeles, via Portland and San Francisco. 
Those are just some options, as you can pick and choose the route you want to take, especially if you invest in a Eurail Pass or an Amtrak pass. 

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